The Suffering Starts

I am a single mum living with MS, this position forces me to consider the fragility of human existence every day.  Being a daily existentialist enables me to find the silver lining  in even the most dire personal circumstances. Like when I suspect a little extra sag on my upper arm or what some lovingly call “wings”. No, seriously I mean those times when I loose feeling down the side of my body or when being in the warm inviting sun is akin to pouring lead through my limbs. As I write this I am giving myself a nauseating feeling, I despise my whining, I am sick of hearing it. I am sick of hearing the complaints of anyone who is not a child in Aleppo or a Whale who has been held in captivity for the purposes of human entertainment.

I am guilty of complaining even though I have access to free healthcare and leading medical treatments, welfare, childcare, education, food, shelter, transport and most importantly choices of how I wish to live my life. I have a lot to be grateful for and some people never see why they are lucky until the are faced with adversity. Adversity brings our  fragility to the surface and gives us perspective to sort out what things we should devote our time to. In other words, working out how we should best use the time that we have.

The clock tick tock in my head speeds up every time I wallow in self pity or whenever I have to endure a “lucky” person’s rant. I just don’t have time for this anymore, I think to myself.

There is really nothing to worry about all your problems are smaller than a microbe. Actually that microbe is probably more important than your problem.

My tongue is in my cheek. This is a blog about how I keep it real.

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